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Hi! I'm Tara.

A psychic, a tarot reader, and a healer dedicated to helping you transform, grow, and heal.

Tarot Reading

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This is a beautiful road map to your life right now, up to the next year! Readings are one hour long.

Intuitive Healing And Guidance

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This appointment is two hours long. I will send you information to prepare for the session, and we will spend about an hour talking and working on a psychic level and about an hour focused on the healing work that takes place on the table.

Energy Healing 

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This is a 60-minute session focused on healing. You choose an intention of what needs healing, releasing, transforming or changing, and we have a few minutes before and after the time on the healing table to talk.


“Tara's psychic skills are phenomenal. Can't wait to get my reading next year!”


Tara has studied with psychics from New York to California throughout life, from her grandmother, Reverend Mary-Margareht Rose in Sedona, Arizona as a child, to the gifted teachers at Arthur Findlay School of mediumship in Stansted, England as an adult.