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Hi! I'm Tara.

A psychic, a tarot reader, and a healer dedicated to helping you transform, grow, and heal.

This is a beautiful map to your life, whether you want to talk about your present, past, or future. It's often a guide to your next steps in relationships, career, healing and recovery from trauma, and your biggest talents and work in the world. The feeling of a reading offers a clear perspective that there is something more, something greater, a force surrounding and supporting your path in life. 

This session is for digging into questions you have! It's most often used for clients who like to use intuitive guidance as a kind of life coaching. It is also a session for healing. The focus here is on intuitive counseling, conversation, and energetic healing work, to integrate change into your body and mind.

This is a 60-minute session focused on healing. You choose an intention of what needs healing, releasing, transforming or changing, and we have a few minutes before and after the time on the healing table to talk. It is an excellent follow-up to readings and intuitive counsel, or can be scheduled alone.




Tara has studied with psychics from New York to California throughout life, from her grandmother, Reverend Mary-Margareht Rose in Sedona, Arizona as a child, to the gifted teachers at Arthur Findlay School of mediumship in Stansted, England as an adult.