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Hi! I'm Tara.

A psychic, a tarot reader, and a healer dedicated to helping you transform, grow, and heal.

This is a beautiful map to your life, whether you want to talk about your present, past, or future. It's often a guide to your next steps in relationships, career, healing and recovery from trauma, and your biggest talents and work in the world. Book now for a clear perspective on your next steps for your movement forward.

This session is for digging into questions you have! It's kind of like life coaching. It is also a session for healing. The focus here is on intuitive counseling, conversation, and energetic healing work, to integrate change into your body and mind. Your support has arrived.

These are sessions focused on energtic and spiritual healing. You choose an intention, and we have a few minutes before and after the time on the healing table to talk. It is an excellent follow-up to readings and intuitive counsel, or can be scheduled alone. Book now for rejuvenation and clearing of your path.

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