The Star

The Star card is so beautiful, even when you don't know what it means, you stop and stare and feel its magic making you brighter. 


It has a few themes. Recognizing your value, shining bright. Spirituality, feeling divine connection deep within. Blending the spiritual and physical to make your life more magical. I read for someone recently for whom it symbolized two things: one, their deep soul connection with a loved one in their life, and two, the remedy to the difficulties that lay between them.

She must look within instead of without, she must witness their spiritual connection without attachment, and recognize when to catch a moment and treasure it, and when to release it back out to sea.

Sometimes, we think issues outside of ourselves must always have a solution that also lies outside of ourselves. The Star card helps us remember that we can always turn back to ourselves for the answers instead, and that we'll never abandon ourselves when we need comfort.