My Most-Viewed YouTubed Video

My second most viewed video on YouTube is an interview with a lovely medium named Lynne Forget. It's been viewed 1, 609 times at the writing of this blog entry! A small number compared to big YouTubers, but for my little page it's huge! Another video, about the Arthur Findlay College which we are walking the grounds of below, has 2,709 views! However, I had to take the video down so you can't see it anymore. Ah well, to new future endeavors on YouTube.

I hope you enjoy listening to Lynne's experience with spirit and her journey to discovering her abilities. I love hearing how people got to where they are now, because we each have our own journey no matter what we do in life!

The higher power has an incredible way of guiding our lives for our highest good, and I must say I'm so grateful to be part of a community that is so focused on seeing the signs, understanding the guidance, and accepting the work that is handed to us.

<3 Tara

Letting Your Work Be Sacred

Last year, I was pushing myself hard. Pushing myself through making videos and online content, pushing my body to change physically, pushing myself to grow my psychic work.

This year, I decided to take a breath. Not exactly a breather, but a breath. I decided to pull back on absolutely everything, to rein in the constant driving force I had over myself, and to choose just one thing. That was my psychic and healing work. 2018 would be my year, I thought.

And so far, it has been. Freeing myself from all other commitments and going easier on myself allowed life to open and expand. It also allowed life to bring me every single thing that would benefit me beyond my personal expectations. 

Check out my new business card design!


Isn't it gorgeous? Isn't it resonant with energy?

I used to feel unsupported, like I had no resources outside of myself to grow in my work. When I chose to take this breath, life came rushing in beautifully. Now I feel an endless stream of support. Since 2018 began, people appeared who could teach me the exact lessons I needed. More and more followers in the online world seemed to find me who really resonated with me, who saw me and my light. And friends and creative collaborators appeared almost magically.

The lovely soul who designed my business card is named Sophie. She lives in Britain, and we met in Thailand at a healing retreat center. She has a gentle heart and a fierce spirit, and the moment I saw her watercolor art I wanted it part of my next business card. I was so honored with her contribution to my work when I received the final product, and it is just one more sign of the support that comes in when you open up and allow.

What can you release in your life in order to let in more of something else? What can you relax around so the Universe can bring in what you need easily, sending it right to your door?


<3 Tara

Embrace Your Empress

Abundance. Wealth. Sensuality. Nature. Beauty. Feminine. Mother.

This is The Empress.

The theme that I want you to take away today, though, is recognizing the abundance in your life. Every single day, we have the potential of the unknown day ahead. Abundance is not just money; it is also kindness, relationships, experiences, smiles and joy. 

Looking through an abundance lens helps you to experience even more of it! Appreciate nature, beauty, love, money, kindness, and anything else that brings you joy and gratitude. Love and welcome The Empress in your life, and watch you abundance grow.

<3 Tara

Planting Healthy Thought Patterns

There's a lot of work when we're planting a garden. We have to clear ground, prepare the soil, and choose where to put which seeds. Then we need to nurture them, pruning when and where necessary, and finally we get to see their benefits of beauty or nourishment.

Building an affirmation practice is the same. We have to unwind and uproot negative belief patterns, and plant positive ones to replace them. We have to nurture these new thought patterns and beliefs, and get rid of or adjust what isn't working for us. Time demonstrates the rewards, as we become happier or healthier, clearer or more intentional, open and more accepting of life's changes.

Affirmations are nothing more than the thoughts that you think and the words that you say, but it really is a practice to cultivate, a garden to grow.If you doubt whether you can, just trust me, you can. It's a journey, but it's one that yields great rewards. 

<3 Tara

P.S. Intuitive Guidance Sessions with me are an amazing way to dive into affirmations and begin to clear the ground of old beliefs!

Making The Still Small Voice Be Heard

The High Priestess is probably my favorite card. But hey, I'm a psychic, so it's expected.

Beginning to connect with this card is so easy for most of us who are interested in tarot. That's because she represents our intuition. She shows us, or is, our spirit, our higher self, the mystical aspect of all religions and faiths, and the keeper of sacred mysteries.

The High Priestess can teach us to stop stuffing away our gut feelings and reconnect to our innate knowledge. Connect with her. Carry the card around with you, meditate with it, dress in the card's colors and let its energy surround you.

You are wise. You are connected. You are powerful, even in your quiet. Don't forget.


You Have Magical Powers

The Magician is a tarot card that reminds us about the simplest way we undermine ourselves in our daily lives: forgetting our power. Often the card appears to simply say, "You hold ALL the power, what are you waiting for?"

We forget our skills. We forget the power of our intention. We forget that we are connected to creation, and therefore are co-creators in this world.

Sometimes we need someone else or a situation to trigger us into remembering everything we've learned and all of the abilities we have. Think of your first job. Everything you absorbed and cultivated there prepared you to move on to another one, where you were probably even better, so prepared and clear on how to act and take action. You simply know how to be in your power at a certain point, even in new situations, without even thinking about it.

What have you forgotten that you can do? Recall what it is, and recall your powers to you. Go out there and do it! :)


Thailand, Traveling, and Geographical Freedom

The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.
— J.M. Barrie

Going to Thailand this year was unimaginable to me a year ago. I'd always wanted to travel as a part of my adult lifestyle, but I didn't realize how much I truly craved geographical freedom. I often felt very claustrophobic in LA and in undergrad, knowing that I was tied to the city I was in for years.

Last year, I lost an apartment. My SIXTH apartment in three years to be exact. It could have been overwhelming, but instead, I asked myself, "How do I want to go forward, since what I'm doing isn't working or making me particularly happy?"

 It can be hard to imagine how to live outside of certain parts of life's supposed parameters, whatever we might wish were different for us. But I think what I've learned is just that- to imagine, to freely create in my mind what it is I might want to experience, how it is that I might want to experience something, and to open up to the possibility in every way I can.

Our ability to manifest is huge. Just in the past week, about ten things in my life have appeared or worked out almost magically. Things that had been frustrating me and my efforts to move forward found solutions. Shifts that I didn't even know were available to me began to move into place.

I think my week went beautifully for multiple reasons, but one was that I held an intention for it to be so. I chose what I wanted, and I wrote my intentions down. I didn't return to look at them until I started realizing that they were all happening, each sliding into place or magically appearing in front of me.

So how can we trigger more of what we actually want?

This week, I'd like to invite you to consider how you might want to live differently. What is something that you find yourself frequently wishing you could do, or not do? Maybe you just want to be alone for an hour before bed to do yoga and relax your nervous system. Maybe it's bigger than that, and you're tired of the long drive to work. Whatever it is, open up your mind a bit to the possibility of change, of a shift coming in. Shifts can be slow, but use your imagination, and let it guide the opening up of possibilities for you.

And for those of you that say now or nothing, listen up. Slow and steady change is ten times better than living in a way you don't really want to, day after day and year after year. 

Geographical freedom is what's important to me. Having time to take care of myself so that I can do my work well and be my very best self for those in my life is important to me. Think about what's important to you.

And then imagine how you might open up more room for it.

<3 Tara

We Begin With The Fool...

Every tarot deck, and every tarot book begins in the same place: at card 0 of the Major Arcana, The Fool. 

Beginning with a zero evokes ideas of the circle of life, infinity, the eternal connection of our spirit to the greater soul of the universe. Did that sentence just make you say "Ok, wait, what? Then what does that mean in a reading?"

Learning tarot can seem so overwhelming. That's why I started my YouTube tarot videos with very simple, straightforward ideas that address just a few themes, or feelings to begin to associate with the card so that your relationship with it can grow slowly.

Here, I invite you to focus on the energy and feelings of trust, joy and positivity. Much more straightforward, huh? Living with more trust could change your life- and that's the energy of that fresh start, of that zero energy, of the beginning of everything.

See? It'll all come together slowly. Just stick with it.

<3 Tara

Guiding Our Intentions

Our intention creates our reality.
— Wayne Dyer

Crystals are a tool for intention. They can support us in anything we'd like them to. They give us a focus, something to return to that reminds us of what we want, where we're going, or what we are healing or changing. 

This video was a big leap for me when I made it in 2016! I've never stated so publicly how much I loved my crystals or how important they were for my personal growth. But I realized that regardless of what one might believe about crystals, they are amazing for our development and healing. The wisdom in crystal books and the stones themselves are deep tools to dive into our personal work.

Coupled with tarot, stones like quartz, selenite, rose quartz and amethyst were some of my most important supporters at various times in my life- and sometimes, we needs things (or other beings, if you will) to help us more than people, especially if it's time to look at ourselves in a way we never have, or to heal things that we can only approach alone.

Wishing you strength and intention on your beautiful journey.

<3 Tara

My FIRST Online Tarot Class

Ok everyone. It's finally time! 

I've been slowly planning these classes for months, and as many of you know, was quite busy traveling the globe. Now it's time to dive in!

I created this class to help you learn your deck without getting overwhelmed, and to give you another tool for self care. I'll go over some general themes and basic understandings like deck structure, and then dive into how the archetypes, themes, and concepts resonate within your life. The Major and Minor Arcana will be discussed, so you'll leave with a clear understanding of how to move forward with your deck with confidence.

I'll also share ways to read your deck intuitively, simple spreads, and direct questions you can ask your deck to get clearer on particular issues in life. See you in class!