How do you hold onto inspiration?

Aha! You have a grand idea.  An inspiration. With inspiration comes a moment of clarity. You hold onto it.

The whole, clear picture is before you. Clarity brings force and integrity to your plans and actions.

Disappointment hits when that feeling, that thunderclap-moment disappears. But, did you know this? It’s all you needed. A moment.

You were a channel for inspiration. And it came. Now it’s your job to hold onto it. To stay as open as possible to letting it flow. Even when the moment's over. Open your mind to being a channel. Pull the inspo back by its tail, like the lovely Liz Gilbert tells us in her TED Talk a poet she loves would do.

Pick up a pen, a paintbrush, set your hands on the piano keys. Let your inspiration flow.

 The Ace of Swords is about moments of inspiration, clarity, a moment of clear sight or channeling “divine” information. Like when you just really wanna sing, because that’s what’ll make you happy. Or you just  know  it’s time to quit that job! That’s divine inspiration.

The Ace of Swords is about moments of inspiration, clarity, a moment of clear sight or channeling “divine” information. Like when you just really wanna sing, because that’s what’ll make you happy. Or you just know it’s time to quit that job! That’s divine inspiration.

Is It Time You Play Big?

Yin Ace of Wands.jpg

Harness your fire.

“Remember this,” I pointed to the Judgement card at the top of the reading. “You’re clear on the ground you’ve covered up til now. Now it's next level. You’re over considering how to get there. Jump in, play the game. Play it big. All your cards on the table.

“This is what’s next for you.” I told her. “It’s all about career. You want more movement, more action, and more growth. The thinking process? It's over. Now, DOING needs kicked into high gear. This hand here? It’s basically like, Girl, will you reach out and take this opportunity? I’m giving you everything you need! I know you CAN. But will you?

I tapped the Ace of Wands. “This card shows me all the energy available to you over the next three months. It’s fire energy, it’s the energy of growth, of fuel. That’s it. Energy. Available. And what you want to create is just on the other side of it. It’s totally up to you to use it or not.

"But let me tell you, this year ahead? For you? It’s about power. Not time.”

-From a read for Larell Scardelli. Follow her on Instagram @lalalarell for super self-confidence and sweet-as-pie nature & pet pics. Check out her website here for emotional acne coaching, content creation and freelance mentorship!

If you're feelin' the fire right now but the direction to burn has you wondering, book in with me. Let’s harness that fire energy!

This Was A Breakthrough For Me


I woke up with a clear decision: I needed to lower my prices. Let me tell you why.

Between cuddles with Lady, my beautiful rescue dog, I’ve been poring over business courses all summer. Finding the perfect-feeling pricing for ME has been tough. Biz courses underscore knowing your own VALUE. How do I feel valued? Do I offer equal value to what I get? What about those in a place of need?

I’m a server rn (paying back all my blessed travels this year!) and I know, serving drinks and wiping tables, that a few dollars goes a long way. One $15 tip makes my DAY! And sometimes, making an extra $15 can mean an extra hour or two spent wiping the salt shakers and sweeping the floor.

So. I’ve dropped my prices a bit. It’s NOT extreme or anything. But as a middle-class girl, I know all about financial struggles! I’ve realized how I feel my value, and how much I want to stay accessible to more people.

Buying a new razor can be a luxury! (Real life story though.) So, I know I can’t serve everyone, because psychic sessions can definitely be a luxury. But at least I can keep myself available to many of you.
Final reflection: my personal and professional value is not in the single dollar-value of what I am paid. It’s in my connection to you, how much joy, depth, and authenticity is shared. It’s in the friendships I cultivate, the skills I keep developing, the dreams I keep going for. It’s me as a person, in and out of my work. It’s in my strength and presence.

Where do you feel your value?

I Finally Learned This!

The Heirophant used to be super exceedingly difficult for me to read.

I broke through my understanding of it when I was 25. 25! Any card that you have trouble with usually has A TON to teach you. For me, it was simply learning that I had to follow a specific course or program before I could learn to go beyond it.

Before, I would think, “I don’t want that degree or that program. Then, I’ll be just like everyone else that’s already done that before me.”

Now, I realize that I felt limited or stifled by structure because growing up, I was expected to stay in the lines all the time!! I’ve learned though, you have the power to scribble outside and all around, but by following along and learning the rules of the game, you know exactly what you’re working with. All institutions, from legal to academic to religious, have something to teach us. The ones we encounter on are path are often just right for us. So keep your eyes open babe!

Hypothetically, let’s say you’re an LGBTQ person. You went to church growing up. You learned a lot of good things! You liked church. But, some of those things might have been against your sexuality. You’ve gotta break free- free from the rules and structures, and find peace with it all. The good and the bad. The thought patterns that might have been instilled need kicked to the curb, so you aren’t kept from being comfortable with who you are.

The Hierophant can teach you the positive and negative aspects of tradition, when you’ll benefit from sticking to it, how to learn from it, and where you need to break away and change. Sometimes, you’ve gotta follow. Other times, you’ve gotta break the system. Or at least, give it a little tweak and some oil to move it forward.

Discern wisely.

<3 Tara

Listen To Yourself, Woman!

I am in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.’
— Louise Hay

When you learn something new, do you think, “OMG no way, I can’t do this, I’m such a clutz!” or “I can totally do this, I just need to learn how.” Do you even notice how you talk to yourself?

The way you feel every day starts in your head- with your self talk. Start to understand and take care of yourself like never before by just noticing that inner dialogue.

Want to reach for your goals? Stop looking down on yourself? Stop saying you aren't worthy to have good things? One of my go-tos are affirmations. They’re are JUST thoughts. They’re words and phrases and beliefs. “Man up” and “girls are made of sugar and spice” are affirmations that keep us entrenched in beliefs about gender. The things you hear AND say become your particular set of regular thoughts- affirmations. So, do you wanna criticize and worry, or do you wanna love on yo’self and trust life?!

Start noticing, and invite your inner voice to get a little bit kinder. A little bit more encouraging. Think positive my friend, and own the power of your mind.


Play With Power

I have a confession.

My stomach was in knots every day at work. I was 21. A customer would hand me their yellow slip, and I’d walk into the frame shop to look up their order. Oh no. I would start sweating. The artwork wasn’t done yet. They were gonna be so mad!

I couldn’t face an angry person, no no no. Somebody else do it, please! I found out later I had severe anxiety. I’d developed PTSD about a year after an accident. Conflict just made it all worse.

But you know, I’m grateful for that time. Glad even. I learned SO much about how to hold myself differently. I would literally stand in a superwoman pose for five minutes before work, helping my body to chemically stay on MY side. (You don’t know power poses?! Go look ‘em up girl!)

The Emperor teaches you about how you use your power. He is your ability to command and create in your life. Healthy power sets you up for good boundaries, so you can deal with others, or say NO when you mean it and stick to it, or hold your own in a tough talk. It even makes you kinder. Yeah, power makes you kinder. When you feel in control, or EMpowered, you're able to channel your emotions and reactions without becoming either 1) too submissive or 2) too dominating. You’ll find the beautiful middle playground that is EMPOWERMENT

On this playground, you get to create more in your life. You can call the shots. More peace, more calm. More art, more joy. You can't create from a restricted state, and it's also hard to create when you feel powerless. Empowerment invites you into a playful life, one where you feel safe, secure, and like you’ve totally go this.

You do.


Interview With A…Medium?

At 1,609 views, this video’s been popular! Lynne Forget is a medium I studied with for a week at AFC! (I know, I had to take alllll my AFC vids down- sorry guys!)

Lynne's experience with spirit(s) and realizing she talked to them started as a child! Wild. I had lots of experiences growing up, but direct communication has taken my left brain a long time to open up to! Don’t we just all have our own fun little journey?

Mediumship is wonderful to do, because we connect to loved ones and show you how spirit is around us and cares about our highest good. Enjoy Lynne!

<3 Tara

Push, Push, Breathe.

I pushed myself hard last year. To make videos. Blog posts. To work out and stretch my body in new ways, to grow as a psychic and a medium.

Push, push, push. Then, I took a breath. I pulled back on absolutely everything, I reined in the constant driving force I had over myself, and chose just one thing. 2018 would be my year, I thought.

Well, it’s been my year. The new has flooded in. New countries seen. New people met. Over 150 tarot readings, livestreams not included.


Got this new biz card made, by a Brit I met in Thailand, a super-cool chick named Sophie. She’s a gentle heart and fierce spirit if I ever did meet one.

I used to feel unsupported, like I couldn’t go far without help. I needed more resources. This breath helped me feel support. Letting one thing go made space for something new to take its place. Magical moments, like meeting Sophie, flowed in. For the exact lessons I needed, people appeared. I also got cozy with being seen online, and it’s like people really see me.

Can you release something in order to let something else in? Can you relax your hold on something so the Universe can bring what you really need?


<3 Tara

Shift Your Attention To This To Find Gratitude

Every single day, we have the potential of the unknown day ahead. There’s so much possibility in every moment.

Abundance. Wealth. Sensuality. Nature. Beauty. Feminine. Mother.

This is The Empress.

She helps you recognize the abundance in your life. Abundance is not just money; it is also kindness, relationships, experiences, smiles and joy. 

An abundance lens placed over your life shows you that you’re literally infinitely grateful. There’re always people to love, things to enjoy and do, moments of AWESOME. Think about the feeling of hugging. Or cuddling. That ALWAYS feels good. It’s an endless supply of awesome. Of potential. Think about what else is endless, like a new beautiful sunset every evening. And get into your gratitude.

<3 Tara

The Difference Between A Garden And Your Mind Isn't What You'd Think

Planting a garden takes work. Clear the ground, prepare the soil. Choose where to put which seeds. Then, nurture them. Prune when and where necessary. Harvest.

An affirmation practice is the same. You’ve got to unwind and uproot negative belief patterns, and plant positive ones to replace them. The nurturing process means you throw out what doesn’t work. Time shows rewards, as we harvest more happy days or better health or relationships.

Affirmations are nothing more than the thoughts you think and the words you say, but it’s a practice to cultivate, a garden to grow. If you doubt you can, you just haven’t gotten quiet enough to hear your inner voice clearly yet. It's a journey, sure. But one that yields great rewards. 

<3 Tara