Yintrospection Community Offerings

Connect to yourSelf. Connect to Spirit.

So you can keep going with trust in yourself and your path.

My offerings are here to help you get closer to yourself, unwind the healing you most need right now, and take the next best steps on your path. Your mission awaits. So let’s get started.

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Join the Moon Meetings

Twice a month, the Moon Meeting is a gentle, deep, meditative session held online.

I’ll be delivering messages from spirit (of course!), and guiding you to set the tone for your weeks ahead.

I can’t wait to see your beautiful energy adding to this space!

Chakras & Healing

These are self-paced courses designed to help you heal through action, self-reflection, receptivity, & perspective shifts. I’ll guide you through:

  • relationship detoxing & moving on

  • finding a sense of independence

  • learning to trust in your spirituality again after loss

  • self-compassion & heart healing

The Heart Course


Tarot & Intuition

I offer tarot classes focused on using tarot & oracle cards for yourself.

You’ll learn:

  • to develop and trust your intuition

  • accessing your intuition

  • self-referral & confidence

Coming soon. Learn more.

The Affirmations Course

This is about two consistent practices: meditation and affirmations. It’s built to help structure and support your own healing process for your mind & spirit. In Chinese medicine, these are synonymous. They’re called the shen.

A healthy shen means a healthy, strong intuition. A healthy shen means being capable of deep space for contentment, peace, and a deeply fulfilling life.

This course is not currently live. Join my mailing list for updates.

I’m so honored to do this work! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your unfolding journey. It’s a joy to witness.