I’m blessed and grateful to have worked with amazing people! Here’s some feedback so you can see what their experiences have been like.

“I have seen Tara on and off for the last two years and she has been crucial to my spiritual healing and balancing. Tara is not only a talented intuitive healer. She is caring, aware and creates a safe space for me each time I have a session with her. She has helped me move past trauma in a gentle way and her healing is so powerful! My last session with her I felt so uplifted that I went home, reflected on my life, wrote in my journal and reached out to all the people I loved in my life. If you are open to receiving, Tara helps guide you to unconscious or conscious work that needs to take place for healing. I am forever thankful for Tara.”

— Dorian Lam, L.Ac.
Acupuncturist, Bodyworker, Trauma Touch Therapist, Birth Doula

Tara is truly wonderful! I have been doing intuitive work with Tara for a couple of years and I’m always amazed by the guidance and wisdom she shares with me. Her words stick with me for months and support me through whatever life may bring. She is so present in her work and is truly dedicated to providing a clear and safe space where healing can take place. She shows up for her work in a way that is so respectable, she only gives her best. When Tara works with you she provides her full attention, perspective and energy. I think she is wonderful because she blends her own perspective and viewpoint on life while also channeling spirit so her message is always crystal clear, powerful, and just what you need to hear. I love watching Tara grow as a healer because she is constantly working towards bettering herself, which in turn allows her to better serve the world around her. She is a gem and I highly recommend working with her! A session with Tara is like a compass that helps you stay on your aligned path in every aspect of life. Her words and guidance continue to support you long after a session has finished.

-Amber Ruck, Healing Ray of Sunshine & Acupuncture Student

“A session with Tara is...transformational! If there is that nagging in the back of your mind to see Tara, DO IT. I had that nagging for almost three months before I scheduled an appointment. During our time, I felt such a huge energy shift! I had specific directional questions that needed clarity, and Tara came through for every one. It's amazing how a one hour sitting with Tara can catapult a person onto the road toward their destiny, but that's exactly what happened. I have gone from a 'my life is just ok' person to a 'MY LIFE IS EFFING AMAZING' person! Tara is honest, humble and is a genuine channel of the Divine. <3 “

-Debby Stroud, Creative Confidence Coach & Art Teacher

Tara is more than a reader and more than a healer.

She is your friend and your teacher. Your spiritual guru. Full of knowledge and compassion, she has the ability to connect with source, lending advice while pulling cards and delicately telling you what you need to hear. I find myself frequently going back to readings as a reminder of lessons and future endeavors; using the information presented as guidance to my everyday life, to build on my future, and understand my past. I feel a sense of healing after each session as emotional weights are lifted and a clearer understanding of my path as it unveils itself. Tara is professional, responsible with the information given and only gives readings at appropriate intervals as I’m always asking for more. <3

-Ashley Paul
Writer & Adventurer, Burgeoning Food Healer


"When I first reached out to Tara, I knew I needed healing but didn’t know how to go about it. In one intuitive healing and guidance session, Tara equipped me with strategies specific to my healing journey that really stuck with me and serve me to this day. I was in a deep valley and she gave me the tools to climb out and helped me feel balanced and ready to ascend. After a session, I feel so incredibly at peace with myself and the world around me. Tara’s abilities to heal, help, and guide are such a blessing!"

Social Justice Badass

I’ve never quite struggled to find the words when writing a review — I’ve written them for professors, clinicians of all kinds, restaurants, spas… basically anything that I “invest” in. Education has been a big part of this. Part of my education involves exploring what lives outside of the realms of what I believe that I know… AND, outside of what I believe other people will know for me. That’s just it. In my session with Tara, she did not tell me any single thing that I did not already feel. I just wasn’t conscious of the feeling until the gentle delivery of uninhibited truth brought it to the surface. It became clear within the first two minutes that this session would produce a resonant feeling in the depths of my bones - in the core of every cell of my body - and it was because Tara got to the core of what was existing for me right then, right there, while delivering the information with a reverence (it was beyond sensitivity — sometimes this can be condescending. The awareness of meeting me where I was was greeted with a deep sense of honor and appreciation) to everything that came before it (which I will never fully comprehend, at least in this lifetime, how she could possibly have known any of the details that she knew). The reading was a transmission from what felt like my higher self, speaking to me to tell me what I needed to hear in that moment, in exactly the way that I needed to hear it. Each transmission or translation of that was profoundly unique, so that within the reading, it felt like I had 15 different readings and a few years worth of therapy. It’s been a few weeks since the reading, and I’m still at a loss for words. All I can truly say is that Tara is in tune with a very specific kind of intelligence that is far beyond this human form. Her ability to translate this information is pristine — clear, untainted, unsugarcoated, and truly crystalline. My heart was spoken to and heard with everything that it needed - and in applying what we worked through, I’ve found grace and balance in navigating through the transitions and inevitable movements of life. I have graciously welcomed me back to myself, something I’ve spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in therapy hoping to achieve. I realize now I only needed the power within myself, which I discovered through the power of the Tarot and the power of the being who delivered it to me. Tara, I’ve no words other than thank you. From the core. Thank you.

— Gabrielle Bodzin
Life Coach & Writer