Your personal roadmap for the next leg of your journey.

Tarot is about you. It gives you the gift of a beautiful, personally-tailored map from spirit as to your next steps and direction. It's so personal, so intimate, so real. I am honored that you trust me to work with you on your sacred life's work through my own.

A session may focus on:

  • the present, past, or future, depending on what you most need right now.
  • healing, trauma release, and understanding where you are held back by these things 
  • your relationships or other emotional involvements
  • your career or education
  • family, home, or community

What your session is about is mostly up to you. You get to pick the intention in your mind and heart, and when you show up for the reading, the reading shows up for you. You don't even have to tell me what your intention is! It will be right there in the cards.

Why does a psychic use tarot cards?

Psychic tarot reading provides a beautiful context from which I can tell you your story as I see it. The visuals provide depth to the meaning of the overall message, and the interplay between them is what makes each reading so unique and capable of being specific to each person at any given moment.


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In person (Charmey, Switzerland)
$100, 1 Hour
$90, 1 Hour
$50, 30 Minutes

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I feel a sense of healing after each reading.

Tara is more than a reader and more than a healer. She is your friend and your teacher. Your spiritual guru. Full of knowledge and compassion she has the ability to connect with source, lending advice while pulling cards and delicately telling you what you need to hear. I find myself frequently going back to readings as a reminder of lessons and future endeavors; using the information presented as guidance to my everyday life, to build on my future, and understand my past. I feel a sense of healing after each session as emotional weights are lifted and a clearer understanding of my path unveils itself.

Tara is professional, responsible with the information given and only gives readings at appropriate intervals as I’m always asking for more <3

— Ashley Paul

Like coaching and therapy in one.

“Readings for me are like having a personal coach to help me get myself together and focused on my goals and plans. I record my readings, and refer to them throughout the following weeks and months to make sure that I stay on track with what I am developing in myself. The clarity of personal readings helps me to stay focused on my goals.”

— T.C.

Mundane meets magical.

“The psychic information Tara gave me before the card reading even started was exactly why I scheduled an appointment in the first place. The reading itself delved deeply into aspects of my life I didn't know would be on the table, but which were completely relevant to my situation. The sudden breakthroughs that come with readings, especially around emotions that might subconsciously keep me stuck, is truly why I return for them.

— L.K.