Tarot & Intuition


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Tarot For YourselF

Learning to use tarot & oracle cards for yourself means you’ll learn to develop and trust your intuition. I focus on self-referral and personal truth in the development of your practice.

Learning tarot for yourself means you always have a friend around to talk to about whatever’s going on in your life. Tarot changed and opened my internal world, and I know it will do the same for you.

Meditative Practice

Intuition does not appear magically, or even consistently, for most of us. That is until we develop a practice.

The Affirmations Course is a deep dive into consistent practices: meditation and affirmations. These are built to help structure and support your own healing process for your mind & spirit, which, in Chinese medicine, are synonymous. They’re called the shen.

I’ve discovered shen healing to be essential for my own well-being in the world, the health of my relationships, and the incredible, sudden development of my intuition- and the ability to know how & when to trust it.

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With Love & All the faith in you, Thank you

As Louise Hay’s book tells us, you CAN heal your life darling. I’m here to support you and cheer you on. I’m here to keep you connected and grounded. I’m here to witness you and your miraculous journey.

Thank you for letting me be a part of it.