Full Life Tarot Readings cover a ton of info! I look at your entire life as it shows up on the table (and in my head!) and I promise, you’ll feel the accuracy of the reading from the get-go. We'll talk what's going on with you now, what might be affecting you from the past, and how you can best move forward mentally, emotionally, and physically!

I’m here to help guide your life. You can take in what you'd like, and leave the rest behind. Now, if tarot makes you nervous in any way at all, I'll invite you to watch my video below!


are tarot cards magical objects?

This video is obviously from quite awhile ago, when I still had half a head of red hair, but in it I address the question of whether or not tarot cards have power. Can you guess what I believe about them?

Tarot Decks

Today, my standard deck on Instagram is Lo Scarabeo, by Llewellyn. The deck I use for a reading may be this one, it may be the typical Rider-Waite-Smith, or any other that I own. I go with how I feel. You’ll love whatever deck shows up!

Other Cards

I love to work with oracle decks too! This angel card deck is so peaceful and uplifting, don’t ya think?