The Full Life Tarot Readings are meant to be done once or twice a year, as they cover a lot! First, I will send you an email with some preparation suggestions, so don't worry, you'll feel 100% ready! If it's online, you'll receive a direct link to our meeting that you can join at the determined time. Both in person and online, I will do what's called a Celtic Cross spread to look at your entire life right now. This style is well-known, but of course, I've adapted my own personal lens that covers the time and personal development we want to look at together. We'll talk about what's going on with you now, your present circumstances, what might be affecting you from past lessons, and I'll help you gain perspective on the mindset you're in and the emotional states you're operating from right now. We'll consider the potential future before you, and how your current circumstances can be transformed and elevated. All of that being said, I always let you know that anything any reader says is simply information to help guide your life. You can take in what you'd like, and leave the rest behind. Now, if tarot makes you nervous in any way at all, I'll invite you to watch my video below!


are tarot cards magical objects?

This video is obviously from quite awhile ago, when I still had half a head of red hair, but in it I address the question of whether or not tarot cards have power. Can you guess what I believe about them?

Tarot Decks

Today, my standard deck on Instagram is Lo Scarabeo, by Llewellyn. The deck I use for a reading may be this one, it may be the typical Rider-Waite-Smith, or any other that I own. I tend to feel into the energy of the day and of the client I'm reading for to make my decision. The right deck will always show up for you.

Other Cards

I love to work with oracle decks, and I pick the themes that feel right for the current reading. The angel card deck above is one of my favorites- peaceful, uplifting, but powerful.