Hi! I'm Tara.

A psychic, a tarot reader, and a healer dedicated to helping you transform, grow, and heal.

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Your personal roadmap to each year.

Tarot gives you the gift of a beautiful, personally-tailored map from spirit for your next steps and direction. It's so personal, so intimate, so real. I'm honored that you trust me to work with you on your sacred life's work through my own.

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Coaching from a spiritual perspective.

My guidance sessions give you the opportunity for clarification, healing, and deeper work beyond a tarot reading. We'll discuss first what I see and feel for you at this moment, and then cover your questions and anything you wish to discuss.



Healing to create space.

Healing work is about release and transformation. Energy healing gives your body, mind, and spirit a chance to rest, integrate, and recenter. You can open up to a new way of walking your path, to new creativity, a new story. You're creating a new way of being the best version of yourself right now.