Hi! I'm Tara.

An intuitive & healer helping you find
healing, connection, and clarity on your path. 

I want you to feel aligned with your deepest talents, a lifestyle that supports your dreams, and the relationships you can thrive in. I offer private & group sessions to support you on your spiritual (and sometimes not-so-spiritual) journey. So you can trust that spirit/God/the Universe is on your side. So you can connect to your inner knowing. So you can love daily life while you reach for your dreams, and find healing through your experiences.

“When I first reached out to Tara, I knew I needed healing but didn’t know how to go about it. In one session, she equipped me with strategies specific to my healing journey that really stuck with me and serve me to this day.”

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Full Life Intuitive
Tarot Reading

“I have no clue where to start.”

I’m overwhelmed and stuck. I’m scared to make a decision.”

“I feel like it’s time to change or go in a different direction. But I really have no idea.”

When everything is cloudy, shifting, changing, this is the place to start.

Whether you feel uncertain, blocked, or stopped. Pushed, pulled, or chained to circumstance. Like you’re the problem. Or you just need to feel reconnected, everything will show up for you here!

Embrace your healing. You came here, to the planet, for a reason. Let’s dive into that so you can walk forward with clarity and confidence.

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Intuitive Guidance
and Healing

Ask questions. Get coaching that’s connected to your guides! And realign with your center.

This is great for specific questions or one realm of life. Like “career” or “relationships.”

Also great after a Full Life Reading, when you’ve got a lot going on and need more time to dive into it all with my support.

Sessions In Person

In-person healing sessions are offered in Florence, Kentucky.

Time to let go of something? Step forward with a brand-new mindset? Your energetic and intuitive support is here.

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Group Sessions:
Live Time With Me Every Other Week?!

Yes. This is for when you start asking,

“What next? What now?”

Staying calm and in the present, yet dedicated to growth and creating your best life can be so hard to balance. This is a problem I STILL have! But I developed a flow with it all.

And that’s what I’m sharing with you.

Twice a month, we’ll meet online (no worries if you can’t make it live, we record!) to explore how you can best use that week’s energy. You’ll learn to lean on the new & full moon as your friends. You’ll deeply explore your current questions. And you’ll have the opportunity to deeply receive the healing available within the current phase.

“I was in a deep valley and she gave me the tools to climb out and helped me feel balanced and ready to ascend. After a session, I feel so incredibly at peace with myself and the world around me. Tara’s abilities to heal, help, and guide are such a blessing!”