Hi! I'm Tara.

An intuitive and healer here to help you take the next best steps for

healing + clarity on your path. 

“In one intuitive healing and guidance session, Tara equipped me with strategies specific to my healing journey that really stuck with me and serve me to this day.”
Want the deets? Click here!

Want the deets? Click here!

Tarot Reading

Full Life Clarity Mapping Session

Need your groove back? This is your personal road map to right now.

This session contains:

  • A full tarot reading, to ignite the session & guide us with a strong foundation. We’ll cover what’s most important for you now (Spirit knows!) as well as the past, future, and the power of your now.

  • The healing and perspective shift potentials available to you, and how you can integrate them. 

  • A personalized exercise to strengthen your connection & trust with the Universe.

  • Messages from your Higher Self and guides, followed by a rich Q & A session with me!

Scroll down and select “Full Life Clarity Mapping Session.” Then sit back. You’ll have your next road map in your hands soon.

Congrats, you’re halfway to a big decision. Here’s the juicy details to help you out.

Intuitive Guidance

Intuitive Guidance & Healing Reconnection Session

Just want to focus on one area of life?

 Get this session for:

  • Intuitive coaching for life in general- with no long-term commitment!

  • Breakup counseling, career moves, healing. This is a supportive & intuitive space to ask questions and get answers. We can focus on one area of life, and get to the core of it so you can get clear and move on.

  • A pick-me-up if you’ve recently had a Full Life Clarity Mapping Session but want some extra work.

I’ll get you on the right track in under an hour. For real. 

Schedule your sesh below!

Want the details beforehand? Here you go.

Want the details beforehand? Here you go.

Community Offerings

Courses, Classes, and Monthly Spirit Circles

I love to teach, and I love personal healing.

I created Yintrospection to share my own healing journey and to support you in yours.

This is a space that goes beyond Instagram.

The place to start is the Moon Meetings:

  • Twice a month, the Moon Meeting is a gentle, deep, meditative session to help you center & align within yourSelf.

  • I’ll deliver channeled messages from spirit and journal prompts. These will help you gain clarity, focus on your specific journey at the moment, and take part in a space of support & connection.

Self-Healing Courses & Intuitive Work