Intuitive Healing And Guidance

Tarot readings are like spirit handing you a map. My Intuitive Guidance sessions are about you asking for details about that map. This is about furthering previous session work, asking questions to get super clear on your current steps to grow, heal, and evolve through the circumstances that life is presenting you. Both counseling and healing work takes place, whether in-person or online.

Spiritual Assessments

These are purely psychic readings to talk about what you bring to this planet. One of my teachers says, "Spirit will never tell you your destiny, only your next steps." I'll discuss what I see as the nature of your spirit, the most important gifts you bring to this planet, and channel guidance around what you might consider to go forward in the best way.


What is intuitive guidance?

This session is like coaching from a spiritual perspective. It gives you the opportunity for clarification, healing, and deeper work beyond a tarot reading. We'll discuss first what I see and feel for you at this moment, and then cover your questions and anything you wish to discuss.


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In person (Charmey, Switzerland)
$120 for a 90-minute session

Phone/Skype Sessions

$50 for a 30-minute session

Spiritual Assessments (Online)
$50 for a 30-minute session


I was in a deep valley and she gave me the tools to climb out and helped me feel balanced and ready to ascend. 

"When I first reached out to Tara, I knew I needed healing but didn’t know how to go about it. In one intuitive healing and guidance session, Tara equipped me with strategies specific to my healing journey that really stuck with me and serve me to this day. I was in a deep valley and she gave me the tools to climb out and helped me feel balanced and ready to ascend. After a session, I feel so incredibly at peace with myself and the world around me. Tara’s abilities to heal, help, and guide are such a blessing!"

— A.Y.

I feel so much better about my path ahead this year.

“I needed a reading because things felt so unclear for me as I navigated new changes after a graduation. Choosing to have a session with the guidance hour was the most important decision I've made right now.”

— A.S.

I feel that I learned more tools to help myself than therapy provides.

“The guidance really comes from spirit, because all of the tools given to me were things that would work for me, things that matched my personality and what I enjoy.”

— S.C.