Intuitive Guidance

Wondering what my Intuitive Guidance sessions are like, or what they're for? They're simply online sessions that you can use after tarot or healing sessions to dive more deeply into your healing, or schedule them on their own whenever you need. Basically an intuitive coaching session, the specific lens of Intuitive Guidance readings can focus on relationships, family, career, spiritual and healing work (yes, distance healing is quite powerful!), and still other spheres of life!

If you would like, these can be purchased as a package but you'll need to email me about it at This can help you to focus on a specific part of your life or spiritual development, and I'm there to support and guide you. Your intention is what matters in all guidance sessions, and we can gear them in any direction. Now, enjoy my video below on The Emperor card, to consider how you're using your power right now!


Mediumship is about communicating with a spirit on the other side. These are loved ones who have already made the transition to the spirit world. Connecting with them can be a deeply healing experience, gifting us with the understanding of their continued awareness of and potential interaction in our lives. If you have lost someone within the past six months, this appointment type may not be the right fit for you as it's important to allow ourselves time to grieve and process a loss.

Soul Map Reading

These sessions are for fellow intuitives, empaths, highly sensitive people, and healers. Just that you identify as one of the above means that this session will be highly beneficial for you. I connect directly with your spirit (no cards here), through the lens of color and the chakra system. The goal of this session is to enable you to walk the path that is most aligned with your spiritual plan, see what direction you are moving in next, and how best to get there.

This is a reading I was inspired to develop and share after a very special day at the Arthur Findlay School of Mediumship.

You can’t be creative from a restricted state.
— Tara Alexandria

The Emperor card teaches us about the use of power. I personally would argue that a really healthy solar plexus chakra is the most important place to begin our personal development or healing work. Let's translate that spiritual jargon: "a healthy solar plexus" essentially means strengthening and balancing our self-confidence and asserting healthy boundaries. This is the most important place to begin on our personal path of growth because we will often be able to pick ourselves up even when we feel at our lowest, and we're most able to identify when we need to reach out for help and support.