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Intuitive Guidance

This online session is a dose of intuitive coaching! You can schedule this appointment for anything- figuring out what crystals to use for your boyfriend, if you should take this job offer or stay where you’re at, whether you should dye your hair blue or green. Healing work (yes, distance healing is real!) is also game, and if you’re a fellow woo-woo, this is the appointment to choose if you want some coaching around developing your own intuition or to learn a new tool!

This can be purchased as a package, but you'll need to email me at tara@taralaexandria.com. You can focus on a specific part of your life or spiritual development, and I'm here to support and guide you. High-five for your dedication!

Soul Map Reading

You a fellow intuitive, empath, HSP, or healer? Just that you identify as one of the above means that this session will be awesome. I connect directly with your spirit (no cards here), through the aura, colors, and the chakra system. Walking the path that is most aligned with your spiritual plan is a little bit different for those of us who see the world first from the spiritual and then from the physical! This reading will help get you clear on where to place your focus for development.

Fun fact: this reading was inspired after a session with one of my favorite tutors at Arthur Findlay College of Mediumship.

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