Intuitive Guidance

This online session is one you can use anytime! After tarot or healing sessions to take the work deeper, or just schedule them on their own whenever you want. We can look at relationships, family, career, spiritual and healing work (yes, distance healing is real, girl!) and any other realm of your life!

If you’d like, these can be purchased as a package but you'll need to email me about it at This can help you to focus on a specific part of your life or spiritual development, and I'm there to support and guide you. This is for you if you’re dedicated to your intuitive development or personal healing!

Soul Map Reading

For fellow intuitives, empaths, HSPs, and healers! Just that you identify as one of the above means that this session will be awesome. I connect directly with your spirit (no cards here), through the aura, colors, and the chakra system. You want to walk the path that is most aligned with your spiritual plan, but sometimes life is a little bit different for those of us who see the world first from the spiritual and then from the physical!

Fun fact: this reading was inspired after a session with one of my favorite tutors at Arthur Findlay College of Mediumship.

You can’t be creative from a restricted state.
— Tara Alexandria

Let’s loosen up and get to know each other a bit! Here’s a YouTube video I made way back when. It’s about a tarot card called The Emperor.

The Emperor card teaches us about the use of power. Healthy boundaries and growing our self-confidence is a way of using our power, and is the most important place to begin on our personal path of growth because we can pick ourselves up even when we feel at our lowest, and we can identify when we need to reach out for help and support.