Healing sessions are in person, and let me tell you, they go deep.


60-minute session

These are sessions focused on energetic and spiritual healing. You choose an intention, and we have a few minutes before and after the time on the healing table to talk. It is an excellent follow-up to readings and intuitive counsel, or can be scheduled alone. Book now for rejuvenation and clearing of your path.


120-Minute Session

These sessions are also focused on energetic and spiritual healing. However, this session can be quite long, and is more of a combination of a tarot reading AND a healing session. We often discuss physical health, emotions, relationships, career, spiritual health and intuitive development, and even past lives. 


Now, Let's Meditate Together

I wanted to give you an understanding of my energy, and of the space I hold for you during a healing session. This video is simply the closest video currently to the style of work that a healing session contains, because the meditative moments mimic the time that you'll spend on the healing table! It is a brief, five-breath meditation with calm music set behind it. Enjoy the moment. Namaste.