I’m here for support and clarity. Whatever lessons you’re navigating, your Q’s will be A’d. Maybe you need a wake-up call! Maybe somebody else needs a wake-up call and you’re frustrated about how it’s affecting you. Maybe it’s time for a big change and you need a little help to get there. Or maybe you’re going through a hard time and need some strong support.

Whatever it is, I’ve got you. Really.


About Me

I grew up knowing the psychic world around me was real. That doesn’t mean I was confident about sharing it! But, my experiences, along with witnessing my grandmother’s work in Sedona, helped me to grow in my abilities since I was about four years old! Once I gave up fearing what others would think of me at 26, I stopped believing I needed a “normal” career. Acupuncture school in Los Angeles after living most of life in the Midwest, coupled with a deep dive into a serious meditation practice, brought me to where I am today. It work me up, to remember that this is my work! At any time and place, you can offer your gifts to the world. I can’t wait to get to know you.

What can I expect from Online Readings?

My Tarot Reading Sessions are a full hour! It will fly, I promise. Plan to arrive and leave relaxed. You don’t have to tell me anything ahead of time, though you can if you want to. We’ll dive right in, and there’s always time for specific questions if needed. Intuitive Guidance Sessions are 50 minutes. Here, we focus on your questions. You’ll receive a Zoom link to your session in your confirmation email, and I’ll send you a prep email beforehand. You can bring a notebook and pen if you’d like to take notes, but otherwise, simply show up. I’m here for you.

Can I Get An In-Person Session? What are they like?

My Healing Sessions are limited right now, and you’ll need to reach out to me to schedule one. My sessions are all about energetic, past-life, auric and chakra healing. You'll lie on a healing table, comfortable and safe to let go and relax. Along with touch healing, I may use crystals, sound tools, sage, incense, and oils. We'll discuss these before in case you're sensitive to anything. None are required. Wear comfortable clothing, and set an intention as to what you would like to change, release, or heal in this time together.