Fortune tellers tell you what you want to hear. Tarot readers tell you what you need to hear.

A tarot reader like me is here to support you, to counsel you and help guide you on your path. A reading with me focuses on multiple aspects of life, in the past, present, and future. We dive into the lessons you are navigating and the healing that you may need to address so you can move forward in the most powerful way for you. Sessions with me are often a deep wake-up call to return to yourself, a powerful catalyst to transformation, or a steady support in a time of need.


What can I expect from an in-person session?

The Healing Sessions offer two similar experiences. The Deep Healing Session is an experience that combines a reading with energetic, past-life, auric and chakra healing. The Energy Healing Session has little time to talk, and focuses on the energetic portion of the work. You'll lie on a healing table during both of these, comfortable and safe to let go. I gently place hands on the body during this session, and I may use crystals, sound tools, sage, incense, and oils. We'll discuss these before in case you're sensitive to anything. Wear comfortable clothing, and set an intention as to what you would like to change, release, or heal in this time together.

What can I expect from Online Readings?

My Tarot Reading Sessions are full hour sessions, and I ask that you book them with ample time afterwards so you can gently think over our work together. This session is guided by spirit, and I take questions at the end. The Intuitive Guidance Sessions are 50 minutes. They are guided by spirit, but we focus on your questions. You will receive a link to connect with me at the time of our appointment. I'll be there, ready for you! I will send you a document beforehand with some exercises to prepare, whether you book a session in person or online. I encourage you to bring a notebook and pen in case you'd like to note something during the reading, and Full Life Tarot Readings include a downloadable recording of the session.

About Me

My background in psychic work, energy healing, tarot study, and acupuncture and oriental medicine informs the majority of my work. I grew up with a deep knowledge of my intuition and the larger psychic world around me from firsthand experience, witnessing my grandmother, with her own healing center in Sedona, Arizona, and her colleagues grow in their own practices. I spent years believing that I needed to be much older than I was in order to offer these abilities out to the world. Then my experience in acupuncture school coupled with a deep dive into a serious meditation practice catapulted me forward on my spiritual growth path, and I now know that this work is profoundly, 100% what I want to offer in this world.