Brand-new or woo-woo, I’ve got a session for you.


You’re here for healing + clarity.

It’s my job to connect you to spirit to realign + re-center you, so you can step forward with confidence.

It doesn’t matter if you’re stuck, clouded, or depressed. Need a promotion. Anxious. Restless. ADD. You have no idea what the next step is! Or maybe you’re totally on your game. But you need support to release something. You can break through what’s holding you back with the right support. Maybe you want to heal from an old relationship, make some sense of it so you can move on. Or, you just want to get pointed in the right direction.

You want to feel confident + supported. Spirit’s here for you. I’ll help connect you, so you can see just how much your place on the planet makes sense, that you’re co-creating with the Universe to make the best life, one you wake up grateful for every day.

I’m here to help. So, let’s get you clear on which session you need:

  • Brand new? Choose a Full Life Clarity Mapping Session.

  • A regular? For a pick-me-up, choose Intuitive Guidance & Healing Reconnection Session.

  • Fellow woo-woo, and you want to work on your own intuitive development? Choose Soul Map Session.


All sessions are ONLINE, via Zoom! You can download it to your phone or computer, and you’ll get a LINK to your session in your confirmation email. Add it to your calendar and just try to contain your excitement- bet you can’t! I can’t either.

“Tara helps guide you to unconscious or conscious work that needs to take place for healing.”

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I was in a deep valley and she gave me the tools to climb out and helped me feel balanced and ready to ascend.”

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“I feel healing as emotional weights are lifted and a clearer understanding of my path as it unveils itself.”

“Tara is not only a talented intuitive healer. She is caring, aware and creates a safe space for me each time I have a session with her.”

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Due to the nature of this work, refunds are not available. You can reschedule an appointment easily up to 24 hours beforehand.