Total clarity. A new vision. Supported forward movement.

Clarity is what I believe we seek from readers and healers, and it's what you'll gain during our session. Personal development, healing, and leading ourselves forward into our best possible future are the core intentions guiding my work. Thank you for trusting me to hold this space for you.

Book from anywhere. 

The majority of my work is done through online sessions, currently held via Zoom. You'll get a link for our meeting as soon as you book, and I'll send info regarding your appointment at least three days before the session. Full Life Tarot Readings include a recording.

Still unsure which appointment is right for you? Explore them once again here.

Gifting a session to a friend? Send me an email at

Instructions and preparation for your appointment will be emailed soon after scheduling. 

An appointment is available for those in need. I call it a Gratitude Appointment, because it is only good for each of us. Email me, and tell me what you can pay at this time, so I can book your appointment and you can get the guidance you're in need of right now! I believe healing and personal work should be accessible to all of us, and I'm honored to provide this space.