I Was So Camera Shy

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.
— Aristotle

I both cringe and applaud when I watch this video.

It’s my first one on Yintrospection. I made it in fall 2016, alone in my big apartment, petrified of the camera. It's fun to look back now. I've come far in my own growth and healing- and also, camera lenses are my friends.

Introspection was essential to my personal healing. I was studying acupuncture then, and the concept of yin, which has aspects of quiet, inward, reflection, and receptive qualities, was a strong focus of my meditation practice. So, my channel name, and now my Instagram and social media name, was born: Yintrospection!

By paying attention to your mental and emotional patterns, you really open up to your life. You open up to your own growth, your dreams and desires, to possibility. More than anything, I want to inspire you to see yourself.

All the love to you,