Power Ain't Always Loud

I'm a psychic, so the good old HP is my FAVORITE CARD.

If you like tarot, you probably like her too! That's because she represents your intuition. She shows you, or is, your spirit. Your higher self. She’s the mystical aspect of all religions and faiths, and the keeper of sacred mysteries.

She can teach you to stop stuffing away our gut feelings and reconnect to our innate knowledge. Just start vibing with her! Carry her around with you. Leave the card on your dresser for six weeks. Draw it, meditate on it.

You’re wise. You’re connected. You’re powerful, even in your quiet. Don't forget.


You're The Magician Here

The Magician! Everybody loves this card showing up. He’s the first one in at the party.

Here’s a tarot card that reminds us about the simplest way we undermine ourselves on the daily: forgetting our power. He might appear just to say, "You GOT this, what are you waiting for?"

You forget your intention, your skills. You forget your connection to the universal spark. You forget you’re the co-creator of your life!

We might need a trigger to remember what we've learned, what abilities we have.

At your first job, did you know how to do everything? You absorbed and cultivated skills there by learning. They prepared you to move on to another one. You’d built skill sets to back you up, and knew that learning is a process.

What have you forgotten that you can do, that you can learn? Recall what it is, and call your powers back to you. Now go out there, and do it!


What Do You Want Next?

The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.
— J.M. Barrie

Wonderland Healing Center, Koh Phan-Gan, Thailand

Going to Thailand was unimaginable six months ago. I'd always wanted to travel. I knew I truly craved geographical freedom. I feel claustrophobic when I’m tied to a place for too long. Like in LA.

Last year, I had to move for the sixth time in the three years I’d been in Los Angeles. I didn’t let myself lose it like I had at other times. Instead, I thought, "How do I want to go forward? What will make me happy?"

 It’s hard to go beyond life's expected parameters. Going to explore a new country isn’t an everyday thing for most of us. I learned though, to imagine, to create in my mind: what do I want next? How do I want it to play out? Can I open up to the possibility of it happening, or am I too afraid?

Turns out, I could. You CAN manifest. Manifest just means to make something real. Believing that you can manifest is just a mindset shift to trust your own intention. The Universe brings in the magic sparkle and flow.

Line up with that magic by getting grateful. By being in a good mood. If you gotta fake it to make it, get your work out on girl! Your mood is all about the chemicals flowing through that body of yours. Write down what you want, get your mind clear.

Ask yourself:

  • How can I live differently?

  • What do I always wish I could do when I’m daydreaming?

  • When I’m really dreaming?

  • Could I do yoga every day? Wait, do I want to or am I just reading this list?

Get clear on what YOU want. I want to be free to do my work anywhere, and lots of time for self-care. What about you? Write it down. Start the shifts.

Afraid it won’t work? Afraid manifesting is a bunch of crap?

Begin with intention. Just like how you get out of bed and shower for the day, or extend your arm to pick up a coffee cup, it all starts with a thought, which moves your body, which then moves the world around you.

Happy moving.

<3 Tara

Beginning At 0

Are you ready to start reading tarot? Card 0, The Fool, starts off the deck.

Begin with zero: the circle of life, infinity, our soul and the soul of the universe. Oneness.

You might feel nervous to learn. There’s so much! That's why I started my YouTube tarot videos with very simple, straightforward ideas that address just a theme or two for a single card.

Associating with the cards as though they’re people helps you get to know them. You don’t instantly know everything about a coworker! You associate. “When did you start working here? Do you like it? What music do you listen to?”

The Fool, to me, is at its core about trust and positivity. A fresh start, a spiral energy, the circle as the simplest container. The perfect place to start a tarot practice.

Happy reading.

<3 Tara

Why I Love Crystals (Like I Need A Reason!)

Our intention creates our reality.
— Wayne Dyer

I’m crazy for crystals. C-r-azy. Amethyst, rose quartz, lepidolite, you name it!

I see them as a tool for intention. With a focus, we can do, have, or heal anything. With a reminder of what we plan to do, have, or heal, like a crystal, we’re likely to get there the fastest.

In 2016, I couldn’t believe I was going to tell people via YouTube how much I love rocks! But regardless of what you believe about crystals, they’re amazing. The wisdom in crystal books and the stones themselves are deep tools to dive into our personal work.

Coupled with tarot, stones like quartz, selenite, rose quartz and amethyst were some of my most important supporters at various times in my life- and sometimes, we needs things (or other beings, if you will) to help us more than people, especially if it's time to look at ourselves in a way we never have, or to heal things that we can only approach alone.

Wishing you strength and intention on your beautiful journey.

<3 Tara

My FIRST Online Tarot Class

Alright girl. It's time! 

Sitting in the bright living room of my chalet in Switzerland, I starting planning my online tarot classes. And now, settled in Kentucky for a bit, I can start!

I made this class so you feel ready to learn your deck without getting overwhelmed. The real thing I want you to take away from this is that you CAN read tarot no matter what. And you don’t have to read or listen to another thing except your own mind.

I’ll tell you why you can read tarot without knowing anything about it. I’ll also go over basic understandings like deck structure and symbolic themes. You'll leave with a clear understanding of how to move forward with confidence, however you choose to read.

The big thing is this: reading tarot for yourself is a great self-care and therapy practice. Ready to get clearer in your mind and your life? I’ll see you in class!

Ready For Class?

Tarot isn't just about pretty pictures and pro readings- it's a functional tool for each of us to grow and learn- we can literally do this forever! It's a book that never ends, the desert-island pick for you to explore your inner and outer experiences endlessly.

I made these videos over a year and a half ago. I loved making them, and setting out on a creative online journey. I've learned a lot about myself. And right now, I'm laughing at my own discomfort on camera in this video, and noticing that WOW, editing got ten times easier for me.

I want you to use tarot for self-care and to get your mind right whenever you need to! I'm working on a class called Tarot For Yourself. It's a dive anyone can take into the world of tarot and how to use it for personal development and healing. Consider it dipping a toe into the pool.

See you there.


I Was So Camera Shy

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.
— Aristotle

I both cringe and applaud when I watch this video.

It’s my first one on Yintrospection. I made it in fall 2016, alone in my big apartment, petrified of the camera. It's fun to look back now. I've come far in my own growth and healing- and also, camera lenses are my friends.

Introspection was essential to my personal healing. I was studying acupuncture then, and the concept of yin, which has aspects of quiet, inward, reflection, and receptive qualities, was a strong focus of my meditation practice. So, my channel name, and now my Instagram and social media name, was born: Yintrospection!

By paying attention to your mental and emotional patterns, you really open up to your life. You open up to your own growth, your dreams and desires, to possibility. More than anything, I want to inspire you to see yourself.

All the love to you,


Meditation Saved My Life

If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.
— Amit Ray

I get out of bed every morning and sit right down again on a stiff purple meditation pillow, a Tibetan scarf draped over my legs and my fingers curved into a "focus" mudra.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without it.

This daily personal practice gives me so much. I tune the world out, and tune into me. Meditation is strong. It changes your brain, potentially forever, and always for the better.

Begin with just a few minutes a day. Set your iPhone timer for three minutes, close your eyes, and focus on your breath. Don’t stop til that timer goes off. Don’t even open an eyelid. Keep practicing this, stretching the time to four minutes, then 5.

This time will become a gift to yourself. One that requires dedication, sure. One that doesn’t always feel awesome. Some days, you won’t want to. But follow it through, and you’ll be happier, brighter, and your days will sparkle.

<3 Tara