Planting Healthy Thought Patterns

There's a lot of work when we're planting a garden. We have to clear ground, prepare the soil, and choose where to put which seeds. Then we need to nurture them, pruning when and where necessary, and finally we get to see their benefits of beauty or nourishment.

Building an affirmation practice is the same. We have to unwind and uproot negative belief patterns, and plant positive ones to replace them. We have to nurture these new thought patterns and beliefs, and get rid of or adjust what isn't working for us. Time demonstrates the rewards, as we become happier or healthier, clearer or more intentional, open and more accepting of life's changes.

Affirmations are nothing more than the thoughts that you think and the words that you say, but it really is a practice to cultivate, a garden to grow.If you doubt whether you can, just trust me, you can. It's a journey, but it's one that yields great rewards. 

<3 Tara

P.S. Intuitive Guidance Sessions with me are an amazing way to dive into affirmations and begin to clear the ground of old beliefs!