Traditional Course or Rebel Movement?

The Heirophant used to be one of those exceedingly difficult cards for me to read.

When I finally broke through my understanding of it, I was so happy! Any card that you have trouble with usually has A TON to teach you. Let's look at The Hierophant.

If you've ever felt limited or stifled by a structure or institution that came at an early time in your life, this is a Hierophant situation! Please know that you have the power to change that limitation, simply because you've acknowledged the root cause of your feelings (and your resultant actions and thought patterns!).

I give an example in this video of the hypothetical need of an LGBTQ individual to break free from thought patterns that might have been instilled by the family religion they were raised in, and which might keep them from being comfortable in who they are.

The Hierophant can teach you the positive and negative aspects of tradition, when we will benefit from adhering to it, when it is proper to learn from it, and where it might be best to break away and change. Sometimes we need to be a follower, a part of the system, and other times we need to break away, rebel, and free ourselves and others.

Discern wisely.

<3 Tara