I Finally Learned This!

The Heirophant used to be super exceedingly difficult for me to read.

I broke through my understanding of it when I was 25. 25! Any card that you have trouble with usually has A TON to teach you. For me, it was simply learning that I had to follow a specific course or program before I could learn to go beyond it.

Before, I would think, “I don’t want that degree or that program. Then, I’ll be just like everyone else that’s already done that before me.”

Now, I realize that I felt limited or stifled by structure because growing up, I was expected to stay in the lines all the time!! I’ve learned though, you have the power to scribble outside and all around, but by following along and learning the rules of the game, you know exactly what you’re working with. All institutions, from legal to academic to religious, have something to teach us. The ones we encounter on are path are often just right for us. So keep your eyes open babe!

Hypothetically, let’s say you’re an LGBTQ person. You went to church growing up. You learned a lot of good things! You liked church. But, some of those things might have been against your sexuality. You’ve gotta break free- free from the rules and structures, and find peace with it all. The good and the bad. The thought patterns that might have been instilled need kicked to the curb, so you aren’t kept from being comfortable with who you are.

The Hierophant can teach you the positive and negative aspects of tradition, when you’ll benefit from sticking to it, how to learn from it, and where you need to break away and change. Sometimes, you’ve gotta follow. Other times, you’ve gotta break the system. Or at least, give it a little tweak and some oil to move it forward.

Discern wisely.

<3 Tara