Play With Power

I have a confession.

My stomach was in knots every day at work. I was 21. A customer would hand me their yellow slip, and I’d walk into the frame shop to look up their order. Oh no. I would start sweating. The artwork wasn’t done yet. They were gonna be so mad!

I couldn’t face an angry person, no no no. Somebody else do it, please! I found out later I had severe anxiety. I’d developed PTSD about a year after an accident. Conflict just made it all worse.

But you know, I’m grateful for that time. Glad even. I learned SO much about how to hold myself differently. I would literally stand in a superwoman pose for five minutes before work, helping my body to chemically stay on MY side. (You don’t know power poses?! Go look ‘em up girl!)

The Emperor teaches you about how you use your power. He is your ability to command and create in your life. Healthy power sets you up for good boundaries, so you can deal with others, or say NO when you mean it and stick to it, or hold your own in a tough talk. It even makes you kinder. Yeah, power makes you kinder. When you feel in control, or EMpowered, you're able to channel your emotions and reactions without becoming either 1) too submissive or 2) too dominating. You’ll find the beautiful middle playground that is EMPOWERMENT

On this playground, you get to create more in your life. You can call the shots. More peace, more calm. More art, more joy. You can't create from a restricted state, and it's also hard to create when you feel powerless. Empowerment invites you into a playful life, one where you feel safe, secure, and like you’ve totally go this.

You do.