My Most-Viewed YouTubed Video

My second most viewed video on YouTube is an interview with a lovely medium named Lynne Forget. It's been viewed 1, 609 times at the writing of this blog entry! A small number compared to big YouTubers, but for my little page it's huge! Another video, about the Arthur Findlay College which we are walking the grounds of below, has 2,709 views! However, I had to take the video down so you can't see it anymore. Ah well, to new future endeavors on YouTube.

I hope you enjoy listening to Lynne's experience with spirit and her journey to discovering her abilities. I love hearing how people got to where they are now, because we each have our own journey no matter what we do in life!

The higher power has an incredible way of guiding our lives for our highest good, and I must say I'm so grateful to be part of a community that is so focused on seeing the signs, understanding the guidance, and accepting the work that is handed to us.

<3 Tara