Push, Push, Breathe.

I pushed myself hard last year. To make videos. Blog posts. To work out and stretch my body in new ways, to grow as a psychic and a medium.

Push, push, push. Then, I took a breath. I pulled back on absolutely everything, I reined in the constant driving force I had over myself, and chose just one thing. 2018 would be my year, I thought.

Well, it’s been my year. The new has flooded in. New countries seen. New people met. Over 150 tarot readings, livestreams not included.


Got this new biz card made, by a Brit I met in Thailand, a super-cool chick named Sophie. She’s a gentle heart and fierce spirit if I ever did meet one.

I used to feel unsupported, like I couldn’t go far without help. I needed more resources. This breath helped me feel support. Letting one thing go made space for something new to take its place. Magical moments, like meeting Sophie, flowed in. For the exact lessons I needed, people appeared. I also got cozy with being seen online, and it’s like people really see me.

Can you release something in order to let something else in? Can you relax your hold on something so the Universe can bring what you really need?


<3 Tara