Letting Your Work Be Sacred

Last year, I was pushing myself hard. Pushing myself through making videos and online content, pushing my body to change physically, pushing myself to grow my psychic work.

This year, I decided to take a breath. Not exactly a breather, but a breath. I decided to pull back on absolutely everything, to rein in the constant driving force I had over myself, and to choose just one thing. That was my psychic and healing work. 2018 would be my year, I thought.

And so far, it has been. Freeing myself from all other commitments and going easier on myself allowed life to open and expand. It also allowed life to bring me every single thing that would benefit me beyond my personal expectations. 

Check out my new business card design!


Isn't it gorgeous? Isn't it resonant with energy?

I used to feel unsupported, like I had no resources outside of myself to grow in my work. When I chose to take this breath, life came rushing in beautifully. Now I feel an endless stream of support. Since 2018 began, people appeared who could teach me the exact lessons I needed. More and more followers in the online world seemed to find me who really resonated with me, who saw me and my light. And friends and creative collaborators appeared almost magically.

The lovely soul who designed my business card is named Sophie. She lives in Britain, and we met in Thailand at a healing retreat center. She has a gentle heart and a fierce spirit, and the moment I saw her watercolor art I wanted it part of my next business card. I was so honored with her contribution to my work when I received the final product, and it is just one more sign of the support that comes in when you open up and allow.

What can you release in your life in order to let in more of something else? What can you relax around so the Universe can bring in what you need easily, sending it right to your door?


<3 Tara