You're The Magician Here

The Magician! Everybody loves this card showing up. He’s the first one in at the party.

Here’s a tarot card that reminds us about the simplest way we undermine ourselves on the daily: forgetting our power. He might appear just to say, "You GOT this, what are you waiting for?"

You forget your intention, your skills. You forget your connection to the universal spark. You forget you’re the co-creator of your life!

We might need a trigger to remember what we've learned, what abilities we have.

At your first job, did you know how to do everything? You absorbed and cultivated skills there by learning. They prepared you to move on to another one. You’d built skill sets to back you up, and knew that learning is a process.

What have you forgotten that you can do, that you can learn? Recall what it is, and call your powers back to you. Now go out there, and do it!