"I love and approve of myself."

I am in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.’
— Louise Hay

The way we talk to ourselves can determine SO much of our lives. When we start with the way we talk to ourselves, our self talk, we begin a journey to understanding and taking care of ourselves on a level we might never have before.

Whether we want to reach for our goals, or stop looking down on ourselves and saying we aren't worthy to have good things, affirmations can help us. Affirmations are JUST thoughts. They are sentences, phrases, beliefs. Things you hear everyday on a regular basis can become affirmations. If you tell yourself you are wonderful, and you truly believe it, this is a positive pattern. If you constantly criticize yourself, out loud and in your head, you have a negative pattern that consistently undermines your own power.

Think positive my friend, and own your power.