Listen To Yourself, Woman!

I am in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.’
— Louise Hay

When you learn something new, do you think, “OMG no way, I can’t do this, I’m such a clutz!” or “I can totally do this, I just need to learn how.” Do you even notice how you talk to yourself?

The way you feel every day starts in your head- with your self talk. Start to understand and take care of yourself like never before by just noticing that inner dialogue.

Want to reach for your goals? Stop looking down on yourself? Stop saying you aren't worthy to have good things? One of my go-tos are affirmations. They’re are JUST thoughts. They’re words and phrases and beliefs. “Man up” and “girls are made of sugar and spice” are affirmations that keep us entrenched in beliefs about gender. The things you hear AND say become your particular set of regular thoughts- affirmations. So, do you wanna criticize and worry, or do you wanna love on yo’self and trust life?!

Start noticing, and invite your inner voice to get a little bit kinder. A little bit more encouraging. Think positive my friend, and own the power of your mind.