We Begin With The Fool...

Every tarot deck, and every tarot book begins in the same place: at card 0 of the Major Arcana, The Fool. 

Beginning with a zero evokes ideas of the circle of life, infinity, the eternal connection of our spirit to the greater soul of the universe. Did that sentence just make you say "Ok, wait, what? Then what does that mean in a reading?"

Learning tarot can seem so overwhelming. That's why I started my YouTube tarot videos with very simple, straightforward ideas that address just a few themes, or feelings to begin to associate with the card so that your relationship with it can grow slowly.

Here, I invite you to focus on the energy and feelings of trust, joy and positivity. Much more straightforward, huh? Living with more trust could change your life- and that's the energy of that fresh start, of that zero energy, of the beginning of everything.

See? It'll all come together slowly. Just stick with it.

<3 Tara