Beginning At 0

Are you ready to start reading tarot? Card 0, The Fool, starts off the deck.

Begin with zero: the circle of life, infinity, our soul and the soul of the universe. Oneness.

You might feel nervous to learn. There’s so much! That's why I started my YouTube tarot videos with very simple, straightforward ideas that address just a theme or two for a single card.

Associating with the cards as though they’re people helps you get to know them. You don’t instantly know everything about a coworker! You associate. “When did you start working here? Do you like it? What music do you listen to?”

The Fool, to me, is at its core about trust and positivity. A fresh start, a spiral energy, the circle as the simplest container. The perfect place to start a tarot practice.

Happy reading.

<3 Tara