Guiding Our Intentions

Our intention creates our reality.
— Wayne Dyer

Crystals are a tool for intention. They can support us in anything we'd like them to. They give us a focus, something to return to that reminds us of what we want, where we're going, or what we are healing or changing. 

This video was a big leap for me when I made it in 2016! I've never stated so publicly how much I loved my crystals or how important they were for my personal growth. But I realized that regardless of what one might believe about crystals, they are amazing for our development and healing. The wisdom in crystal books and the stones themselves are deep tools to dive into our personal work.

Coupled with tarot, stones like quartz, selenite, rose quartz and amethyst were some of my most important supporters at various times in my life- and sometimes, we needs things (or other beings, if you will) to help us more than people, especially if it's time to look at ourselves in a way we never have, or to heal things that we can only approach alone.

Wishing you strength and intention on your beautiful journey.

<3 Tara