Tarot: A Tool For Personal Growth

Tarot isn't just about pretty pictures and getting readings from professionals- it's a beautiful tool for each of us to use individually. Tarot can help us to grow in self-awareness. When we look at ourselves and the world through the archetypes and themes presented in the deck, we can literally learn from it forever! It's a book that never ends, the desert-island pick that can help you explore your inner and outer experiences endlessly.

I'm posting these videos right now that I made over a year and a half ago. Part of this reason is that this is a brand new website. The other part is simply that it's important to me to return to my original purpose with setting out on a creative online journey to share my work with you. I'm learning more about myself, I'm laughing at my discomfort on camera half the time, and noticing that WOW has editing become ten times easier than it felt back then!

I'm also remembering the original intention I had to teach YOU how to use tarot cards for yourself. This year, I'm working on a class called Tarot For Yourself. It's a slow, steady dive into the world of tarot and how to use it for personal development and healing.

What part of your journey could you review or revisit right now to get a clearer picture of your path forward? 

In clarity,