Ready For Class?

Tarot isn't just about pretty pictures and pro readings- it's a functional tool for each of us to grow and learn- we can literally do this forever! It's a book that never ends, the desert-island pick for you to explore your inner and outer experiences endlessly.

I made these videos over a year and a half ago. I loved making them, and setting out on a creative online journey. I've learned a lot about myself. And right now, I'm laughing at my own discomfort on camera in this video, and noticing that WOW, editing got ten times easier for me.

I want you to use tarot for self-care and to get your mind right whenever you need to! I'm working on a class called Tarot For Yourself. It's a dive anyone can take into the world of tarot and how to use it for personal development and healing. Consider it dipping a toe into the pool.

See you there.