Is It Time You Play Big?

Yin Ace of Wands.jpg

Harness your fire.

“Remember this,” I pointed to the Judgement card at the top of the reading. “You’re clear on the ground you’ve covered up til now. Now it's next level. You’re over considering how to get there. Jump in, play the game. Play it big. All your cards on the table.

“This is what’s next for you.” I told her. “It’s all about career. You want more movement, more action, and more growth. The thinking process? It's over. Now, DOING needs kicked into high gear. This hand here? It’s basically like, Girl, will you reach out and take this opportunity? I’m giving you everything you need! I know you CAN. But will you?

I tapped the Ace of Wands. “This card shows me all the energy available to you over the next three months. It’s fire energy, it’s the energy of growth, of fuel. That’s it. Energy. Available. And what you want to create is just on the other side of it. It’s totally up to you to use it or not.

"But let me tell you, this year ahead? For you? It’s about power. Not time.”

-From a read for Larell Scardelli. Follow her on Instagram @lalalarell for super self-confidence and sweet-as-pie nature & pet pics. Check out her website here for emotional acne coaching, content creation and freelance mentorship!

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