This Was A Breakthrough For Me


I woke up with a clear decision: I needed to lower my prices. Let me tell you why.

Between cuddles with Lady, my beautiful rescue dog, I’ve been poring over business courses all summer. Finding the perfect-feeling pricing for ME has been tough. Biz courses underscore knowing your own VALUE. How do I feel valued? Do I offer equal value to what I get? What about those in a place of need?

I’m a server rn (paying back all my blessed travels this year!) and I know, serving drinks and wiping tables, that a few dollars goes a long way. One $15 tip makes my DAY! And sometimes, making an extra $15 can mean an extra hour or two spent wiping the salt shakers and sweeping the floor.

So. I’ve dropped my prices a bit. It’s NOT extreme or anything. But as a middle-class girl, I know all about financial struggles! I’ve realized how I feel my value, and how much I want to stay accessible to more people.

Buying a new razor can be a luxury! (Real life story though.) So, I know I can’t serve everyone, because psychic sessions can definitely be a luxury. But at least I can keep myself available to many of you.
Final reflection: my personal and professional value is not in the single dollar-value of what I am paid. It’s in my connection to you, how much joy, depth, and authenticity is shared. It’s in the friendships I cultivate, the skills I keep developing, the dreams I keep going for. It’s me as a person, in and out of my work. It’s in my strength and presence.

Where do you feel your value?