About Me

I began a life that was closely connected to the healing realm at a very young age. My grandma, an LA native, moved to Sedona, Arizona, at the age of 50 to begin her new dream: creating a healing foundation. Back then, choosing to be a healer was more difficult than it is today. She was a pioneer for healers and psychics, and I’m lucky to have someone that paved a way for me in personal and public ways.

My young life had a lot of physical, and therefore emotional, trauma. Experiencing my grandmother’s healing alongside western medicine helped to shape me into who I am, and show me that healing has many facets. Healing spaces were very safe spaces to me, spaces in which I felt better than ever, and as I grew older, I wanted to do the same for others that she did for me.

I practice qi gong meditation every day. The first year of this practice, I was clearing out old patterns, my physical health was improving in ways I never thought possible, and my emotions became more stable than they had ever been. Now, I practice qi gong meditation daily in order to keep myself clear and grounded as a healer, so that I can be the best channel of healing energy for my clients.

I’m dedicated to spreading healing to the individual so that together we can heal our world. I am currently studying acupuncture, and I love Chinese nutrition and using food to heal. I strongly believe that we can heal ourselves and that often, we just need to ask for help. I am humbled and happy to be able to provide some of that help and guidance for you.