I’m a psychic energy healer offering private sessions in Los Angeles. I trained with my grandmother throughout life from a young age. I’ve studied tarot cards for over ten years, and offer readings for empowerment, healing, and personal growth.

Who benefits from my healing work?

  • Anyone and everyone: All people have an aura, an energy field, acupuncture channels and chakras- we are all the same! Energy work is beneficial for reducing stress, inducing relaxation, and activating the body’s natural healing ability.
  • Performers: Whether you are an actor, dancer, singer, or comedian, you use your energy to engage others in your work. Your aura is truly busy, expanding and contracting, to convey different emotions, to reach out to the energy of others, to include them in the show. Performing takes an energetic toll, and often an emotional one as well. It’s important to reconnect to your own energy regularly and to clear yourself of old performances, projects, and even people. Healing sessions strongly support this clearing and strengthening process.
  • Leaders: Those in charge of others are often trying so hard to keep it all together, they don’t realize their energy has become scattered until some area of life seems off, whether in their personal life or in business-related encounters. Leaders often care for others before themselves, putting the needs of their teams and clients first. Self-care is necessary to maintain a solid center within oneself- and this is where your ability to lead emanates from. Healing sessions are a way of taking care of you first so you can lead from your best state.
  • Those with anxiety or PTSD: Our world has many stressors, and there are many reasons that one might suffer from anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder. Healing sessions provide a safe space in which to feel one’s feelings without judgement, whether by oneself or by the healer. Having suffered from both of these, I know that creating safety in your mind and body, having patience with yourself, and being willing to do the inner work necessary can improve them, and I’m here to help you through it.

What to expect from a healing session:

A healing session consists of the client sitting or lying on a massage table while I work with the aura and energetic field. When hands are placed on the body, it is usually on the head, jaw, back of the neck, shoulders, arms, or legs. All other work is done in the auric field. The first concern is the comfort of the person seeking healing, and we will discuss any touch beforehand- all work can be done without touching the body.

The body experiences extreme relaxation during an energy healing session- it feels a lot like entering a deep meditation. It may feel like floating, lightness, and coolness, or it may feel heavy, tingly, and warm. One can access different levels of healing from this state on the physical, mental, and emotional levels- and of course, the spiritual.

I often see images and stories during the actual healing session, and I will share them with you if you are comfortable hearing them. I believe that they are part of past life occurrences or current life situations that need attention, understanding, or resolution in order to become integrated into your spiritual progress.

What to expect from a tarot reading:

I call my tarot readings “tarot counseling” because while it is guidance for the future, I believe in using this tool to work on personal growth. I may give you affirmations and exercises to work through what is currently in motion in your life right now, or I may give you meditation exercise recommendations. It’s all healing. It’s all inner and outer work. And it’s all different for everyone. Visit my Etsy shop here to purchase an online tarot reading through your account, or visit my contact page here to schedule an in-person reading in Santa Monica.

Believe in your own healing.

Photo “The Forest of Healing” by Brandon Oh on Flickr. Creative Commons use permitted.